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Self-employment Tax Returns

Self-employment Tax Returns constitute the largest part of our company services. We can represent our Customers at the British tax office. We use professional accounting software, which is why you will not need to apply for any codes or passwords.

What we offer:

  • business registration and cancellation
  • annual Self Assessment filing
  • assistance in paying lower tax rate and retrieval of any overpayments
  • contacting HM Revenue & Customs on our Customers’ behalf
  • documents translation
  • advisory services

Tax Refunds

If you work as a subcontractor you may be due a Tax Return. We don’t offer an online calculator as the amount due depends on many factors. In order to find out how much you can get or how much tax you need to pay we need to thoroughly examine your situation. Only then are we able to offer the most beneficial solutions. Call us to find out more. We can complete your Tax Return remotely (using traditional mail, telephone, or email) as well as seeing you at one of our branches.

Self-employed person’s obligations

Those working as self-employed as well as people employed in th CIS system both must complete a Self Assessment Tax Return, which they then need to send to the HM Revenue & Customs,and pay any tax that may be due.

Self Assessment deadlines

All Tax Returns for tax year 2013/14 need to be filed by the 31st of January 2015.

How long to keep your records

If you send your tax return on or before the 31 January you must keep your records for at least 5 years after the end of the tax year the tax return is for. Example: If you send your 2013 to 2014 tax return online by 31 January 2015, you must keep your records until at least the end of January 2020. If you send your tax return after the 31 January deadline, you must keep your business records for longer.

Tax bands

For the tax year of 2011/12 the following tax bands apply:

  • up to £35,000 – 20%
  • from £35,001 to £150,000 – 40%
  • over £150,000 – 50%

More information (polish):

Tax allowance

For the tax year of 2012/13 the following tax allowances apply:

  • people under 65 – £8,105
  • people aged 65-74 – £10,500
  • people aged 75 and above – £10,660

Important terms

  • A tax year lasts from the 6 April one year to 5 April the following calendar year
  • Employers are supposed to issue the P60 forms by 19 May
  • By 31 October taxpayers are supposed to file their Tax Returns IN A PAPER FORM
  • 31 January – it is a deadline for filing your Tax Return – this can be done only via the INTERNET. After that deadline the penalty automatically becomes payable.

Late penalties

As of 2011 the penalties for missing the Tax Return deadline increased significantly and they are now very high.

The period of delay Penalty
From 1 day to 3 months £100
Even when no tax is due
From 3 to 6 months £100 + £10 for each day of the delay. £1000 max.
From 3 to 6 months £1000 + £300 or 5% of the tax amount due (whichever is higher).
More than 12 months £1000 + £600 or 5% of the tax amount due (whichever is higher) + up to 100% of the tax amount due in serious cases.

Additional payments

Please remember about additional penalty for paying your bill late and interest added for paying your bill late.

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