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Agreement Terms and Conditions

Tax Refund – Agreement Terms and Conditions

The Service

1. Taxpol shall help the Client to retrieve any tax refund the Client may be entitled to for his/her period of employment in the UK.
2. Taxpol will commence to provide the service once the relevant payment is received.
3. Taxpol will fill in all the relevant forms, based on information provided by the Client, and will then send those forms to the Client for him/her to sign. Once signed by the Client, the forms, the authorisation form (Authorising your Agent), as well as all other required documents (P60/P45) will be sent by Taxpol to HMRC – immediately upon receiving them from the Client.
4. Taxpol is also obliged to carry out, at the Client’s request, additional paid interventions, such as phone calls or letters, to clarify and/or expedite the tax refund procedure. The first intervention can take place no earlier than after 7 weeks from Taxpol receiving all the signed forms and other documents. Each such intervention incurrs a fee of GBP 10.00 (£10), or GBP 20.00 (£20) for an official written complaint.
5. Should the Client select the basic option (£40) Taxpol offers the first one intervention free of charge.
6. Should the Client select the premium option (£55) Taxpol offers the first four interventions free of charge.
7. Taxpol does not accept any responsibility for situations resulting from inaccurate, incorrect and/or incomplete information being provided by the Client. Should that be the case, Taxpol has the right to refuse to continue with the service and no refund will be offered.
8. Taxpol does not accept responsibility for any delays in the tax refund process, if such a delay is not caused by Taxpol. It applies especially to any potential delays on the part of HMRC, over which Taxpol, as an Agent, has no control.
9. Taxpol can in no way affect the amount of the refund received by the Client from HMRC.

Client’s declaration

1. I, hereby, agree for Taxpol to act on my behalf as an Authorised Agent for the purposes of tax refund claim. These actions are part of a service for which I shall pay a fee, the amount of which depends on the selected option:

  • Basic option (£40) – The forms + 1 intervention free of charge
  • Premium option (£55) – The forms + 4 interventions free of charge

2. I agree for Taxpol to deduct from my refund the additional amount of £15, if I select the option of the refund being transferred from the Taxpol bank account to a bank account in another European Union state outside Great Britain. I hereby acknowledge that the refund may be further delayed in such circumstances.

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